Dairy & Beef



Commercial Series Mixers that are made for Dairy and Beef Business

  • This is a flexible mixer - able to mix all types of grain, liquid feed, by product & forages
  • A Roto-Mix will provide a through & complete mixing of ingredients so it reduces the chance of cattle to sort and "nose out" ingredients
  • There will be less grinding and compaction so long stemmed forages, hay & other commodities maintain nutritional value
  • Your cows will have a fluffier ration that increases consumption with nutritional advantages
  •  Hay is added easily to a ration with the Hay Processor
  • The patented double flighted top auger helps hold the hay in the processor and eliminates "hay balls" from slipping in -between the flights and into the mixing chamber
  • Easy access rear doors are standard on the Roto-Mix
  • The patented single point grease bank allows for quick lubrication from a single point

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